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News / Szigligeti Company 2017.09.12

Actor Tibor Ács's Grave is Completed

Szigligeti Theatre would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the completion of actor Tibor Ács's final resting place. The actor passed away on 10 March 2017. The grave's fencing and concreting is ready, the next step will be the placing of the memorial plaque, made by graphic artist Árpád Deák.

The expenses of the construction were supported by dr. Márta Jakobovits, dr. Béla Földes, dr. Anna Szilvia Földes, András Sauer, Miklós Duka, István Dálnoki, Gyula Deloreán, Gábor Kis, Dalma Pető, Katalin Czvikker, Dalma Pető, and Róbert M. Kardos.

We have started a new fundraising for the honorary monument, we are accepting donations.

Thank you!