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News / Szigligeti Company

News / Szigligeti Company 2017.06.20

Directorial Competition – Results

Stage director Eszter Novák, art director of Szigligeti Company, along with dramaturgist Katalin Czvikker, general director – manager of Szigligeti Theatre, have announced the results for the stage direction of the drama Goalpost and Self-goal by Péter Körmöczi-Kriván. According to their decision, the contest-winning drama will be put to the stage by Péter Tasnádi-Sáhy in the season of 2017/2018.

Five student-directors participating in BA and MA level courses at Tg. Mureş University of Arts have applied to the contest, namely Marcel Bélai, Szófia Deli, Tamás Abai-Szabó, Attila Létmányi, and Péter Tasnádi-Sáhy.

“There wasn't a single contestant who I wouldn't gladly assign the play to. Among a lot of criteria, the most important aspect for me was the representation of the debutant author – I was looking for a genuine interest without which it is not worth starting any work” – Eszter Novák has said about the evaluation of the applications. Contestants will take part in all the workshops and events of 2018's HolnapUtán Festival free of charge.

The show, scheduled to premiere on the 18th of September, during the Festival of Contemporary Drama in Odorheiu Secuiesc, will be directed by Péter Tasnádi-Sáhy, graduate of the MA level directing course of Tg. Mureş University of Arts. He is not unknown to Oradea audiences for, as an editor at Várad Cultural Magazine, he was a co-organizer of Szigligeti Theatre's and Várad's common events. The show will be on the studio repertoire of the season of 2017/2018 in Oradea, to be presented on the Day of Hungarian Drama, on the 21st of September 2017.