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News / Szigligeti Company 2017.03.19

Studio Performances at HolnapUtán Festival

Between 6–9 April, Szigligeti Theatre organizes HolnapUtán Festival for the fifth time. Among this year's events, there are three big stage and three studio performances, including nationally and internationally acclaimed productions.

The festival debuts on the 6th of April, at 5 pm, with the play Homemade by Hungarian State Theatre Cluj. An interesting aspect of the performance that will take place in Arcadia Theatre is that it has been created as a result of a six-month research and rehearsal process, during which its creators collected personal stories about parent-child relationships, which were later used as a base for improvisations. The play is sometimes emotional, at other times funny and playful. Tickets are available in a limited number.

On 7 April, students of Tg. Mureş University of Arts will take the stage of Arcadia Theatre. The performance titled Kiadjamagát is about young people's values, ttheir visions abot the past and the future, while talking with a staggering honesty about what it means to be a debutant today.

On the 8th of April, at 6 pm, Szigligeti Company presents its play Casting. The performance directed by Attila Balogh involves the audience into the play, creating a new result with each performance.

Tickets of the shows are available at the theatre's booking office, or online at www.biletmaster.ro.


HolnapUtán Festival

6—9 April 2017, Szigligeti Theatre


6 April, 5 pm, Arcadia Theatre

Hungarian State Theatre Cluj


d.: Márta Vargyas


6 April, 8 pm, Big Stage

Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre Timişoara

Naive, Completely Frivolous Details in the Life and Death of the Audience

d.: Radu Afrim


7 April, 4 pm, Arcadia Theatre

University of Arts Tg. Mureş


d.: Péter Forgách


7 April, 7 pm, Big Stage

Academy of Drama and Film in Budapest


d.: Eszter Novák


7 April, 10 pm, Szigligeti Studio

Pink Mojos and The Fuckfaces



8 April, 6 pm, Szigligeti Studio

Szigligeti Theatre


d.: Attila Balogh


9 April, 5 pm, Szigligeti Studio

HolnapUtán Projekt


9 April, 7 pm, Big Stage

Tamási Áron Theatre Sf. Gheorghe

Molière: The Bourgeois Gentleman

d.: Sardar Tagirovsky




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