410021 Nagyvárad / Oradea, Piața Regele Ferdinand I., nr. 6., Bihor, RO

Performances / Szigligeti Company / 2017/2018

Sławomir Mrożek



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Take a three-generational family, with an empoverished aunt and an uncle who has seen better days are constantly playing cards. Add a middle-aged father, who passes the time with awkward experiments. Lard with a mother who flirts – and more – with the family friend!

When everything is at a rolling boil, season it all with the young aspirant to the “throne” of the family, who not only has no intention of swimming in this gunk, but has an altogether different view about healthy nutrition.

He could be the one to end this all-forgiving lewdness, to bring order to the chaos of life at last. He doesn't have a clear recipe just yet, but, using all cutting ustensils he can grab, tries to chop the ingredients again, to bring back traditional flavours and seasonings.

A favourite of his cuisine is his lover's tenderloin, that he plans to serve in a golden gravy.

What will it all boil down to? Certainly not a tragedy. His father warns him about today's basic truth: the age of tragedies is over! The end result can only be a slapstick comedy!

But what nobody anticipates is what happens if something unexpectedly burns...

Cast and characters:

Eugenia, the grandmother

Eugenius, the brother

Stomil, the father

Eleonora, the mother

Artur, the son


Stage director:



Premier: 2017.09.30