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Performances / Szigligeti Company / 2017/2018

Székely Csaba

Mine flower


Székely Csaba became famous overnight in 2009, when he won the BBC Radio drama contest with his radio play Do You Like Banana, Comrades? The award was followed by further successes, at home and abroad: after its 2011 debut, the episodes of his Mine World-trilogy intrinsically conquered the stages of Europe.
The first part of the trilogy, Mine Flower was born in a workshop exercise. It is centered around the gray and cold reality of a small Transylvanian village. The play tells, with unmatched humor and irony, about a decaying society that has unblamably stopped in progress, one that is unable to deal with a day-to-day sense of foreignness, sustaining an appearance of happiness instead. A TV crew arrives to the village to report about the alarming increase of suicide rates, and when they interview the locals, they proudly declare that they keep their traditions responsably, under any circumstance.
In the village's tragicomical reality, the grinning Illés is the only one who sees the situation clearly, but neither the village's outcast doctor and his pretty half-sister, nor his own wife take him seriously.
Our preformance tries to present Székely Csaba's world from the point of view of a dynamic, young company, bringing to life a character that is only mentioned in the original playbook.

Cast and characters:


Stupid Feri




Premier: 2016.08.19