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News / Szigligeti Company 2018.02.08

Péter Gothár Directs in Oradea

On 6 April, Szigligeti Company of Szigligeti Theatre presents Kakuk Marci, a show based on the novel series by Jenő Tersánszky Józsi. The monumental production will be put to the stage by the great Hungarian stage and film director, winner of multiple awards, Péter Gothár.

„Our performance directs our attention to the periphery of society where Kakuk Marci's adventurous and amusingly miscellaneous journey takes him from casual work – or the avoidance thereof – to complicated love affairs, and where, despite the stiff moral order of the turn of the century, this loveable hero finds his way around under any circumstances” – Szigligeti Company's art director Eszter Novák has previously said about the play.

Rehearsals for the next big stage premiere of Szigligeti Company have started on 5 February. Besides the company's 18 actors, four young talents already known from the theatre's school program will also take part of the production in smaller parts.

The play's creative team features such acclaimed theatre artists as composer György Selmeczi, dramaturgist Péter Kárpáti, as well as emerging talents such as costume designer Ildikó Tihanyi and assistant scenographer Zsuzsa Szőke.


Cast: István Hunyadi, Levente Dimény, Attila Balogh, Lóránt Csatlós, Noémi Tasnádi Sáhy, Csilla Ababi, József Szotyori, Eduárd Szabó, Ágnes Gajai, Levente Kovács Jr., Enikő Fábián, Tünde Tóth, Imre Dobos, Cecília Trabalka, Gyula Kocsis, Melinda Pitz, Hunor Sebestyén, Csaba Kiss, respectiv Tímea Nagy, Zsuzsanna Naphegyi-Boldis, Eliza Zsisku.


Directed by: Gothár Péter

Dramaturgist: Kárpáti Péter

Set design: Gothár Péter

Costume design: Tihanyi Ildikó

Music by: Selmeczi György

Assistant scenographer: Szőke Zsuzsa

Stage manager: Joó Emília

Prompter: Körner Anna