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News / Szigligeti Company

News / Szigligeti Company 2017.11.10

Quarantine in the Grand Hotel Rehearsals Started

Szigligeti Theatre bids farewell to the passing year with the stage adaptation of the thrilling novel parody by Jenő Rejtő: rehearsals for the monumental musical comedy Quarantine in the Grand Hotel, directed by Dorka Porogi, have started on the 10th of November.

A tropical luxury hotel is under quarantine. Its guests are not allowed to leave the premises, and, in the isolation, chaos and panic ensues. Adventurers and criminals, international conmen, lords and ladies find their fates tangled, ghosts step out of wardrobes, Vangold, the Rotterdam pensioner is hiding a corpse, while the dagger used by a superannuate primadonna is found in the back of a Capuchin monk, there's cyanide in the vermouth, and a hysterical hunt commences, where everyone wants to find a notebook worth millions.

The crime parody novel by Hungarian writer Jenő Rejtő was adapted into a thrilling, light-hearted, yet cynically dramatic stage play by Kornél Hamvai, with music composed by Benedek Darvas, and brilliantly funny song lyrics by poet Dániel Varró.

The production features 16 actors of Szigligeti Company, many extras, and a seven-member chamber orchestra.

Cast: Kardos M. Róbert, winner of the Jászai Award, Molnár Júlia, Balogh Attila, Fodor Réka, ifj. Kovács Levente, Gajai Ágnes, Dimény Levente, Szotyori József, Kiss Csaba, Pitz Melinda, Kocsis Gyula, Sebestyén Hunor, Hajdu Géza, Kovács Enikő, Szabó Eduárd, Csatlós Lóránt. Set and costume design: Kupás Anna. Conductor: Brugós Anikó.