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News / Szigligeti Company

News / Szigligeti Company 2017.03.17

Big Stage Shows at HolnapUtán Festival

Between 6—9 April, Szigligeti Theatre organizes the fifth edition of HolnapUtán Festival. During the four days of the event series, there will be three big stage and three studio performances, including internationally acclaimed productions.

On the 6th of April, at 8 pm, the festival's first big stage performance will take place, by Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre Timişoara. Directed by Radu Afrim – well-known for his unusual theatre experiments as well as his unique musical and scenographic vision, Naive, Completely Frivolous Details in the Life and Death of the Audience talks about the relationship between theatre and its audience with an absurd sense humour, typical for the UNITER Award-winning director, while drawing the portraits of the diverse audience members. The play involves all the members of the company, and is based on the actors' improvisations, while putting the audience into the centre of the action.

On the 7th of April, at 7 pm, third year musical acting students of the Budapest Academy of Drama and Film will play outside Hungary's borders for the first time. They will present a playful show based on the works by George Gershwin and Cole Porter. In their work, the two American composers have combined elements of jazz with those of classical music, giving the world several evergreen hits and jazz standards, while also laying down the foundations of the world-conquering genre of the musical.

The award-winning play The Bourgeois Gentleman will be the closing performance of the festival. The production by Tamási Áron Theatre Sf. Gheorghe rethinks the classic comedy, but also demonstrates how many similarities there are between the world described by Molière and our society today. The tension between expectations, instincts, and manners, modesty, and also popularity and tabloidism make it very difficult to form human relations. The title role of the funny and entertaining story will be interpreted by Tibor Pálffy, winner of the Jászai Award. The performance will take place on the 9th of April, at 7 pm.

For all three big stage shows of the festival, 40 RON festival tickets will be on sale. Tickets are available at the theatre's booking office (open Monday to Friday 2—7 pm, or one hour before the start of the shows), or online, at www.biletmaster.ro.