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News / Nagyvárad Dance Ensemble

News / Nagyvárad Dance Ensemble 2018.02.07

Only Christ

Duna Ensemble, founded in 1957, Göncöl Orchestra, Saint Ephrem Men's Choir, Attila Palyov, and Hétlépés Ensemble are coming to Szigligeti Theatre from Budapest. On the 17th of February, they will perform the dance theatre play Solus Christus (Only Christ), a performance about the topicality of the values of the Reformation today.

The performance – to the success of which more than 60 people have contributed – aims to draw attention to the fact that the values of the Reformation are not museal, but alive, real here and now, always present in the deepest layers of our consciousness and our view on the world.

Tickets for Solus Christus are already available at the booking office of Szigligeti Theatre (open Monday to Friday 2 to 7 PM, or one hour before the start of the shows), and online, at www.biletmaster.ro.

Combined Tickets will be available for the guest performance of Solus Christus, on 17 February at 7 PM, and The Caucasian Chalk Circle, scheduled for 20 February, at 7 PM, for the stalls and the balcony, at the discount price of 35 RON.