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News / Nagyvárad Dance Ensemble

News / Nagyvárad Dance Ensemble 2017.04.12

Stabar Mater in Eger, Traviata in Oradea

Close to Easter, on 18 April, Nagyvárad Ensemble will take the stage of Gárdonyi Géza Theatre Eger with their performance Stabat Mater. The dance oratory that has been played on several locations with great success presents the pain of the Virgin Mary beside the cross, based on Rossini's work of the same title. Now, just a few days after Easter, it will be reborn on the stage with an even greater impact. To return the honourable invitation, on 14 May, the dance ensemble of the Eger theatre, GG Tánc Eger will be our guest in Oradea. They will present the performance Traviata, created in collaboration with Inversedance – Fodor Zoltán Company. The two acts of Traviata – thanks to the different approaches and visions of the two co-creators, Zoltán Fodor and Tamás Topolánszky – are clearly distinguished. And like it happens in reality, when two contradictory feelings – love and pain – sometimes make up a single emotional state, the two kinds of vision becomes one captivating, thought-provoking and spectacular performance.

Nagyvárad Ensemble's performance is financed by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.