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News / Nagyvárad Dance Ensemble

News / Nagyvárad Dance Ensemble 2017.03.20

Tour and CoMPoS

After giving five performances in four days, dancers of Szigligeti Theatre's Nagyvárad Ensemble participated in an art performance titled CoMPoS at the LikeCNDB contemporary dance festival in Bucharest. In this, they played alongside the artists of Bucharest National Dance Centre (CNDB), composer-pianist Tibor Cári, the Ensemble's musicians, István Székely and Lóránt Veres, and also artists from Bucharest.

After the show Collisions, which was part of the festival's program, dancers and musicians took the stage together to improvise to the texts of Bucharest authors Sebastian Vlad Popa, Simona Popescu and Codru?a Tudoriu, in harmony with the projections by visual artist Aural Eye. The performance was greeted with great enthusiasm by the Bucharest audience, as they themselves said at the discussion following the performance. The many questions and words of appreciation were a great honour for our artists.