410021 Nagyvárad / Oradea, Piața Regele Ferdinand I., nr. 6., Bihor, RO

Performances / Szigligeti Company / 2017/2018


Every show is a dialogue between creators and viewers, so it doesn't hurt if they pay attention and react to each other. This is why it is so important to have a common topic to bring out the discussion. Gameofthrones Casting aims to deal with this conciously: to speak to those who will make up and lead the future society. Thus, this play is a dialogue with the youth. 

What do I mean when I say youth? Not those who have not lived long yet, but those who still see many years ahead of them. I am interested how each of them sees these years to come, and even more importantly, the present. As for the dialoge, I will gladly start is right where our life happens: in schools, on the street, in big, well-lighted halls and tiny, dark pubs. Then, I want to take the conclusions from these discussions (or the discussions themselves), and lift them into a place where they can become dramatic, where it is possible to process fresh topics with frech people. To elevate them to a place where social, faith and personal problems collide harshly, when needed. And where there's an salve for these ailments, and it is possible for everyone to be right, and for everyone to li at the same time. Or to not be right, although what they say is true. Even more, where it is possible to lie truth for the pleasure of others. This is the church of contradictions: theatre.

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Premier: 2017.03.04