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Performances / Szigligeti Company / 2017/2018

based on the works of János Arany

Bolond Istók

On the 31th of March, Szigligeti Company presents its second show dedicated to the anniversary of poet János Arany's death. AranyÓra (Golden Hour) attempts to rethink the poet's literary heritage on the language of 12—16 year olds.

In November, Szigligeti Company announced a contest for literature teachers, and students of arts and theatrology, to come up with scripts addressed to high school students that present János Arany's well-known and lesser-known poems in an unusual way. From the applications, dramaturgist Péter Tasnádi-Sáhy has made a scenario titled AranyÓra (Golden Hour), which was later put to the stage by director Iván Hargitai, featuring five actors of Szigligeti Company. Third year scenography student Dalma Zsuzsanna Szőke, and choreographer Borbála Blaskó have also joined the creative team.

The performance will premiere on the 31st of March, at 7 pm, in Szigligeti Studio. The second performance of the show is scheduled for the 11th of April, just in time for the Day of Hungarian Poetry.

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Premier: 2017.03.31