410021 Nagyvárad / Oradea, Piața Regele Ferdinand I., nr. 6., Bihor, RO

Performances / Lilliput Company / 2017/2018

Hands and Feet

baby theatre

The short, 15—20 minute performance based on the idea of Rita Bartal Kiss is contrived especially for infants and children under 3 years of age. The most important features are the visual elements, the simple yet colourful set, the lights and sounds that can be really interesting for a baby.

Our aim is to offer children their first experience in the theatre. At the same time, they can spend quality time playing together with their parents.

The audience will sit in a baby-friendly room complete with pillows, huge building-cubes, and a changing-table.

Cast and characters:


Szentpéteri Lenke

Premier: 2013.03.09