410021 Nagyvárad / Oradea, Piața Regele Ferdinand I., nr. 6., Bihor, RO

Performances / Lilliput Company / 2017/2018

Lázár Ervin

The Four-square Round Forest

King Erzár is sitting on a tiny stool, a notebook on his knees, with mountains of crumpled paper all around him. He, too, is crumpled, a face as sad as an old cloth that nobody remembered to iron. What a famous writer he used to be! With an unstoppable mind, globe-trotting, loveable, giddy, yet nobly simple, like the blue of the sky. Yet in spite of it all, he was often taken for a fool. He grew tired of not being understood anywhere. And he doesn't understand people either. Especially their words, if they are but hollow breaths – a pretty sad thing for somebody working with words.
And now he is sitting on a stool, pen in hand, and inspiration fails to come. When suddenly, a weird, cat-like kid knocks on the door, and says:

Let's run!

So they run. A nice, friendly, green place seems to appear in the distance.
We're here! – the cat-like creature says. My name is Mikkamakka. And this is the Four-square Round Forest. Nobody can be harmed here.

For ages 6 and above. 

Cast and characters:

Premier: 2016.02.26